Interview with Hana Jalloul, PSOE spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid

Hana Jalloul en un miting del Partido Socialista de Madrid

The regional elections of 4 May in Madrid gave victory to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the Popular Party. Her victory was a blow to the Socialist Party, which was relegated to the opposition and had no real chance of governing in the capital. About this, the spokesperson of the Socialist Party in the Madrid […]

Interview with Lorena Heras, Education spokesperson for the Popular Party in Madrid

Lorena Heras portavoz de Educación del PP en la Asamblea de Madrid

Lorena Heras talks to Federico Quevedo on El Balance about the return to the classrooms after the summer, when we are still fighting the pandemic. Also she spoke about the new education law. Regarding the return to school, Heras stresses that last year the Education Department of the capital was very well planned and prudent. […]

Interview with Enrique Núñez, General Secretary of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid

Enrique Núñez, secretario general del PP en la Asamblea de Madrid.

The general secretary of the Popular Party (PP) in the Assembly of Madrid, Enrique Núñez, talks to Federico Quevedo about the party in Madrid. According to Núñez, “we are very proud of the result”. The secretary affirms that the initial formation of the parliamentary group was difficult, “parameters of all the deputies are adjusted to […]

Interview with Carlos Izquierdo, PP campaign director in Madrid

Carlos Izquierdo Torres en la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid

The campaign director of the Partido Popular for the upcoming elections on 4 May, Carlos Izquierdo, states that “Ayuso is committed to health but also to avoiding poverty”. This is how he defended the measures of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s candidacy to return to the presidency of the Community of Madrid in El Balance, with Federico […]

Interview with Ana Camíns, General Secretary of the Madrid PP

Ana Camins, Secretaria General del PP en Madrid

The General Secretart of the PP of Madrid spoke to Federico Quevedo on ‘El Balance’ before the Easter holidays. Ana Camíns will be on the list for the elections of next May 4th in the Community of Madrid for the Partido Popular. In El Balance, she explains what are the key points of the proposal […]

Interview with María Pastor, Member of Parliament for Más Madrid

María Pastor diputada de Más Madrid posando

Federico Quevedo interviews María Pastor, Member of Parliament for Más Madrid and spokesperson for Verdes Equo-Madrid. In El Balance, the spokesperson criticises the call for elections in the Community of Madrid. A call that will lead to the closure of schools on Tuesday 4 May, but without being a public holiday, so families will have […]