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With 30 years of experience working with clients and partners from around the world, InFluence Spain has created a strong international network of corporate, political and government affairs professionals spanning the globe. Through InFluence Spain our clients have access to political intelligence and policy advocacy in over 62 countries.

Memership of the Canada-spain Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit entity focused on promoting commerce between Canada and Spain, and strengthen relations between the two countries. Both, the Canadian Embassy in Spain and the Spanish Embassy in Canada are honorary members, as is the Spanish foreign trade office, ICEX. Through our membership we hope to offer existing and future members, support in navigating the Spanish political, regulatory and legislative environment and through our branch office in Canada, SebCan Influence, and our partners in Canada, Earnscliffe Strategies, support in the Canadian one.

The FIPRA Network is a global collective of owner-operated, independent public affairs consultancies providing high-level, expert advice on complex political, policy and regulatory issues in more than 50 countries. As a membership of the FIPRA Network, we are independent, highly-specialized, senior-led strategic counsel, able to see the big picture as well as the small detail. We are part of a network of public affairs and government relations experts with a representation in every EU and EEA Member State for many years. Fipra Network has the capacity to operate in more than 50 countries across the world.
APCO is one of the leading global firms in public affairs, government relations, corporate communications, crisis management and competition policy, with more than 1200 employees working in 80 markets around the world.  As strategic advisors, creators and communicators to their clients, APCO is best know for its ability to bring diverse people, ideas and stakeholders together.
NOVE is one of the leading advisory agencies in public affairs and communications in Brussels, supporting businesses in their interactions with the European Union institutions and relevant stakholders.  It has a solid track record of successfully advising clients in sectors such as health, technology, consumer goods, trade, energy and environment, and competition policy.   

SebCan Influence is the InFluence Spain’s branch office in Toronto, Canada. Through SebCan InFluence and our partners in Canada, Earnscliffe Strategies, we support our clients in navigating the policy, legislative and regulatory environment in Canada.

Think Tank ADASTRA is the partnership agreement with the Ukraine’s leading independent analytical center and consultancy specializing in international relations, Ukrainian foreign and domestic policy, market research and media relations. Think Tank ADASTRA is uniquely placed to provide valuable policy, political and market insights into current developments in #war torn #Ukraine and when reconstruction takes place.

Ecija is the legal advisory firm recognized by Financial Times 2022 as the most innovative firm in continental Europe. Provides innovative solutions in the legal world for companies in the digital economy. To date, it is the Ibero-American firm with the largest presence in Latin America.

Below, on the map of the world that we offer you, you will be able to locate the partners with whom we maintain contact through the FIPRA Network, to which we belong. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about any of them.

FIPRA Canada / Earnscliffe Strategies - André Albinati

FIPRA USA / Alpine Group - Rhod Shaw

FIPRA in Central America and the Caribbean - Federico Jenkins

FIPRA Mexico / InStrag - Juan Mauricio Mora

FIPRA Chile / BLGP – Diego Bernales, Joaquín Godoy and Marcelo Díaz

FIPRA Colombia / ORZA - Gonzalo Araujo

FIPRA South Africa / Ethicore Policial Lobbying - Abdul Waheed Patel

FIPRA Tunisia / Mediterranean Development Initiative - Ghazi Ben Ahmed

FIPRA Australia / Richardson Coutts - John L Richardson

FIPRA Cambodia / Vriens & Partners - Piseth Keo

FIPRA China / Yuan Associates - Haiying Yuan and Cynthia Xing

FIPRA India / Chase India - Manash Neog

FIPRA Indonesia / Vriens & Partners - Donna Priadi

FIPRA Japan / GR Group Japan - Jakob Edberg

FIPRA Korea - Joseph Chung

FIPRA Myanmar / Vriens & Partners - Tim van der Lee

FIPRA Philippines / Vriens & Partners - Elaine Collado

FIPRA Singapore / Vriens & Partners - Hans Vriens

FIPRA Thailand / Vriens & Partners - Jeremy Mullins

FIPRA Vietnam / Vriens & Partners - Vo Thi Lan Phuong and Samuel Pursch

FIPRA Austria / Mastermind Public Affairs Consulting - Peter Köppl

FIPRA Azerbaijan - Leila Alieva

FIPRA Belgium / Greenlane Public Affairs - Laurent Willaert

FIPRA Bulgaria / Rositsa Velkova

FIPRA Cyprus / Achilleas Demetriades

FIPRA Czech Republic / PAN Solutions - Jana Marco

FIPRA Denmark / European Advisers - Karen-Annette Madsen

FIPRA Estonia / META Advisory Group - Andreas Kaju

FIPRA Finland / Ilari Marzano

FIPRA France / Samman Law & Corporate Affairs - Thaima Samman

FIPRA Georgia / BGI Advisory Services - Lasha Gogiberidze

FIPRA Greece / One Team S.A - Constantinos Yiannopoulos

FIPRA Hungary / CEC Group - Tamás Sárdi

FIPRA Iceland / Alp Mehmet

FIPRA Ireland / Vulcan Consulting - Lucinda Creighton

FIPRA Italy / Telos A&S - Mariella Palazzolo

FIPRA Latvia / Meta Advisory - Armands Gutmanis

FIPRA Lithuania / Arunas Pemkus

FIPRA Luxembourg / Huggard Consulting Group - Joseph Huggard

FIPRA Malta / Maritimus Company Limited - Martin Cauchi Inglott

FIPRA Netherlands / Public Matters - Pieter Walraven

FIPRA Norway / First House - Per Høiby

FIPRA Poland / CEC Group - Marek Matraszek

FIPRA Portugal / Initium - Ana Vila Nova

FIPRA Romania / FIPRA Consulting - Danut Nicolae

FIPRA Slovakia / Patrik Zoltvány

FIPRA Slovenia / MC Public Affairs S.a.r.l. - Mihael Cigler

FIPRA Sweden / Hallvarsson & Halvarsson - Mårten Wennberg

FIPRA Turkey / Stamina Public Affairs - Haluk Özdemir & Dilek Emil

FIPRA Ukraine / Stober Poltavets & Associates - Ivan Poltavets

FIPRA UK / Lexington - Mike Craven

FIPRA Spain / Influence Spain - Sebastian Mariz

member of

Fipra Network

InFluenceSpain – Fipra Spain is a member of the Fipra Network, a global alliance of government relations agencies that offer advice on complex regulatory, political and public matters. The network offers its clients a one-stop-shop for their national and global public affairs and government relations objectives, providing them with a global reach with local and national knowledge.
Founded in 2000, Fipra is the largest network of Public Affairs advisers in the world. For more information or the complete list of members of the Fipra network around the world visit their website.

In the complex world that we live in, many times the successful strategy not only needs professionals from public affairs or lobbying. That is why through InfluenceSpain and Fipra, you have access to an extensive national and international network of experienced professionals in different economic sectors and areas of expertise to lean on.

Professionals from the legal world, communication, social networks, events or strategic consulting, who offer not only experience in the sectors, in which they have specialized, but the possibility of working with us and the client together in a single integrated and multidisciplinary team. The objective is to offer a formidable value proposition, very difficult to match in the Spanish market today.

Geographical Reach

With FIPRA representation in every EU and EEA Member State for many years, our network now extends to every continent, with the capacity to operate in more than 50 countries across the world.

Government Relations Focus

FIPRA is a network of public affairs and government relations experts; it is our core expertise, not and add-on to a public relations or other consultancy offering.

Locally Respected, Globally Connected

all members of the FIPRA network are leading Public Affairs practitioners in their own countries with a deep understanding and knowledge of their local market.


Our breadth and variety of experiences allows us to create a personalized approach to your specific needs.


With FIPRA representation in every EU and EEA Member State for many years, our network now extends to every continent, with the capacity to operate in more than 50 countries across the world.


Our centralised network team supports clients in coordinating cross border accounts with our FIPRA network members worldwide.