Interview with Carlos Izquierdo, PP campaign director in Madrid

The campaign director of the Partido Popular for the upcoming elections on 4 May, Carlos Izquierdo, states that “Ayuso is committed to health but also to avoiding poverty”. This is how he defended the measures of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s candidacy to return to the presidency of the Community of Madrid in El Balance, with Federico Quevedo.

Carlos Izquierdo also points out that “if there is polarization, it is due to the radical policies of the left”. As he explains, in the face of left-wing tension, “the PP is running a campaign of common sense”. He also defends the management of Ayuso, who has been criticized by some sectors for keeping the hotel and catering industry open.

Partido Popular points out that thanks to this, and also to the fact that commerce has been open, it has been possible to keep Madrid’s economy afloat. “Hotel and catering industry employs 200,000 people”.

Names on Ayuso’s list

The Contentious-AdministrativeCourt of Madrid agreed this Sunday that the ex-spokesperson of Ciudadanos in Valencia, Toni Cantó, and the ex-mayor of Toledo, Agustín Conde, cannot be part of the list of the Popular Party in the elections.

A decision that comes after a complaint filed by the PSOE and that today has been appealed by the PP to the Constitutional Court. Carlos Izquierdo said about this that it shows that the party can now bring together different sensibilities and that it is free of corruption.

“We are an exemplary party”, he said, adding that “there have been some people who have failed us”. That is why he defends that now the PP “is the party of honesty”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Carlos Izquierdo, PP campaign director in Madrid

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