We offer our experience and knowledge to help our clients develop a solid network of government relations with the relevant public authorities at municipal, regional, national and European levels.

Public affairs

We offer our experience and knowledge to successfully increase the capacity of our clients to influence public policy in Spain, through advise on key messaging, communication strategies and stakeholder engagement strategies.


We offer our experience and knowledge and a network of contacts and experts formed over more than 20 years, to help our clients to be able to defend their interests before civil society as a whole: Government, public administration, politicians, unions, business associations, NGOs, consumer organizations and other interest groups.

Political and regulatory
risk analysis

We analyze regulatory and legislative changes and political initiatives that may affect your investments and business interests in Spain. In general, markets in Spain are characterized by significant regulatory intervention by public authorities and administrative bureaucracy, with regular regulatory and legislative changes that may affect a company’s investments and commercial interests in Spain. Carrying out an analysis of possible future changes in political decisions and opinions and the current and future regulatory and legislative framework, we can quantify and qualify the possibility of regulatory and legislative changes and the impact these might have on the sectors involved, allowing our clients to adapt their commercial and investment strategies and to adopt government relations and lobbying strategies if required.