Interview with María Pastor, Member of Parliament for Más Madrid

Federico Quevedo interviews María Pastor, Member of Parliament for Más Madrid and spokesperson for Verdes Equo-Madrid. In El Balance, the spokesperson criticises the call for elections in the Community of Madrid. A call that will lead to the closure of schools on Tuesday 4 May, but without being a public holiday, so families will have to think about how to reconcile. María Pastor is also spokesperson for Education in the Madrid Assembly and attaches particular importance to this issue.

In addition, María Pastor has harshly criticised the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who she says is “devoid of real policies” and who she accuses of being “incapable of drawing up budgets, of developing policies”.

Unidas Podemos offer

Regarding the candidacy of Más Madrid, which has refused to stand jointly with Unidas Podemos, the MP explains that the situation is very complicated, but “there are those of us who have been working for a long time”. She adds that Más Madrid “has been the opposition to Díaz Ayuso”. Regarding Más Madrid’s candidate for president of the Community of Madrid, Mónica García, she declared that “she has been a point of reference as a doctor”. She also explains that “she has denounced all the bad decisions and irregularities that have occurred during this time under Ayuso’s government”.

Más Madrid will run with Verdes Equo, the party to which María Pastor belongs and with which they sealed the new coalition a few days ago. This will be the second time they do it together to contest the elections on 4 May.

María Pastor defines that the objective is to oust Isabel Díaz Ayuso from the Government of the Community of Madrid, but also explains that calling elections now “is irresponsible”. The MP explains that the policies that Madrid needs now “will be paralysed”, but expresses her hope that Ciudadanos will join in “changing Madrid”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with María Pastor, Member of Parliament for Más Madrid and spokesperson for Verdes Equo.

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