Interview with Hana Jalloul, PSOE spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid

The regional elections of 4 May in Madrid gave victory to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the Popular Party. Her victory was a blow to the Socialist Party, which was relegated to the opposition and had no real chance of governing in the capital. About this, the spokesperson of the Socialist Party in the Madrid Assembly, Hana Jalloul, was on El Balance of Federico Quevedo, explaining also the renewed policy that, this time, offers the Socialist Party.

Jalloul first admitted the defeat “and the mistakes we made“. However, she said that “now it is time to pick ourselves up and start a period of active listening and reflection“. She added that “we have to be closer than ever to the people“.

Vox, the preferred partner of the Popular Party in Madrid

For the next two years it will be the Popular Party that governs the capital and the Socialist Party spokeswoman warns that they will be in opposition. In fact, Hana Jalloul is “indignant” at the first initiative of the regional government to reform regional television. She added that “it is a leap against freedom of expression and an attack on public and pluralistic television“.

About this initiative, it should be remembered that one of the driving parties behind this measure was Vox, the preferred partner of the capital’s government. Regarding this new coalition, Hana Jalloul warns that “there is a clear exchange of stickers“. She also adds that “they do favours for each other, as in the investigation into the appalling management of the residences. Vox approved it at the beginning and now that it is in government it prefers to abstain“. Finally, the spokeswoman of the Socialist Group in Madrid warned about the budgets, “you will see how the parental pin will be a condition for Vox to sign them“.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Hana Jalloul, PSOE spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid.

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