Interview with Enrique Núñez, General Secretary of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid

The general secretary of the Popular Party (PP) in the Assembly of Madrid, Enrique Núñez, talks to Federico Quevedo about the party in Madrid. According to Núñez, “we are very proud of the result”. The secretary affirms that the initial formation of the parliamentary group was difficult, “parameters of all the deputies are adjusted to fit everyone in the best possible way”.

On the other hand, Núñez reports that this week, up to eight colleagues have left the parliamentary group to join the central government. Also, he says that “we will see next week if there are any more”.

Another matter of interest is the number of support staff in the group that will undoubtedly increase “to respond to all the activities”. According to Núñez, the aim of this increase is to “cover many of the requests that come to the deputies”.

Two years of Díaz Ayuso’s legislature in Madrid

For the Secretary, these will be two intense years of government “due to the fratricidal war on the left because the PSOE has lost the alternative of government”. According to Núñez, from “Más Madrid, they will try to make a tough opposition to cover up the socialists”. According to Núñez, the PP will continue with the principles that led them to win the elections: “in two years we will revalidate this majority and probably increase it”.

Currently, the ‘Ayuso effect’ (President of the Community of Madrid) has been transferred to the national level. Some media state that, with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the PP could win the next general elections with the support of Vox. However, Enrique Núñez affirms that “Pablo Casado will be the next president of the Government, bue ‘when’ is in the hands of Pedro Sánchez”.

Possible pacts

For Núñez, “Spanish citizens are tired of the lies of the Prime Minister, and the moment elections are called, the president will be Pablo Casado”. Regardless of when the next elections are held, what is certain is that Madrid is an important political stage, so it will be the central scenario of the battle of the next general elections.

As for possible pacts in Díaz Ayuso’s legislature in Madrid, Núñez believes that it depends on the opposition- He says that “the PP has more than enough majority to govern with no strings attached”. The secretary, however, sees regional pacts with the PSOE as complicated.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Enrique Núñez, Secretary General of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid

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