Interview with Ana Camíns, General Secretary of the Madrid PP

The General Secretart of the PP of Madrid spoke to Federico Quevedo on ‘El Balance’ before the Easter holidays. Ana Camíns will be on the list for the elections of next May 4th in the Community of Madrid for the Partido Popular. In El Balance, she explains what are the key points of the proposal of the Popular Party.

The General Secretary explains that the Popular Party, faced with the manoeuvres of the left, has thought first and foremost of the citizens of Madrid. According to her, “the people of Madrid should be able to go to the polls to decide what government they want for the next two years”.

Ana Camíns invites the citizens to approach the program of the Partido Popular, which proposes, among other things, lower taxes. On the subject of direct aid, which the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has not granted, she defends herself by saying that shopkeepers and hoteliers prefer it, and thanks them for allowing them to stay open.

The popular member affirms that “we avoid creating a problem and then giving a little payment, as the left does”. She also says that the campaign against Ayuso is “a story of a battle against good management”.

Possible pact with Vox

Ana Camíns does not rule out the possibility of Vox entering a future coalition government in the region. She explains that they do not set red lines for themselves, but that it is up to the citizens to decide. However, she does call for a concentrated vote for Ayuso’s list, so that she can govern without any strings attached.

She affirms that “nobody beats us for patience” and that they will return to negotiate, as they did after the 2019 elections, to form a government. “We are very capable of sitting down with other parties” which, he says, have shown that they cannot negotiate with each other.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with the General Secretary of the Popular Party in Madrid, Ana Camins.

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