Interview with Miguel Gutiérrez, MP of Ciudadanos at the Parliament

Miguel Gutiérrez, diputado nacional de Ciudadanos

Capital Radio’s El Balance program opens the year with an interview by our colleague Federico Quevedo. This time with Miguel Gutiérrez, national deputy of Ciudadanos and member of the party’s Executive Committee. State of the Nation Debate The MP confirms that the year will be intense, but insists on his request to the Prime Minister […]

Interview with Borja González, Ciudadanos’ Secretary of Organization

Borja González, Secretario de Organización de Ciudadanos

The Secretary of Organization of Ciudadanos, Borja González, talks to our colleague Federico Quevedo on Capital Radio’s El Balance about the situation of his party. This weekend Ciudadanos is holding a campus with young people in Seville which, according to the secretary, will provide a space for young people to participate in politics. Ciudadanos Campus […]

Interview with María Carmen Martínez, MP in Parliament for Ciudadanos

María Carmen Martínez, diputada de Ciudadanos

The Ciudadanos MP for Cádiz in the Parliament, María Carmen Martínez, is the parliamentary group’s spokesperson for Finances Affairs. On this occasion, she talks to our colleague, Federico Quevedo, about the General State Budget for 2022 that the Government has presented in Parliament to begin its processing. General State Budget for 2022 The MP assures […]

Interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress

Cuca Gamarra, portavoz del PP en el Congreso

The spokesperson of the Popular Party in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, talks to Federico Quevedo about Pablo Casado‘s three years as leader of the party. She also talks about the Spanish Sociological Research Centre results that predict a sweet moment for the PP. Regarding the latest polls, Gamarra predicts a change of political cycle with “an […]

Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in Cataluña

Carlos Carrizosa presidente de Ciudadanos en Cataluña en rueda de prensa

The investiture plenary session to form a new government in Cataluña will take place this Friday. In the last few hours, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borrás, has proposed Pere Aragonés as a candidate. Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in the Cataluña, spoke on El Balance with Federico Quevedo, who said that “catalan politics […]

Interview with Marina Bravo, General Secretary of Ciudadanos

Marina Bravo en una intervención en el Parlamento de Cataluña

After the failed motion of censure in Murcia, Ciudadanos is beginning to assume that there will be several leaks to the Partido Popular in the coming days. This is confirmed by Marina Bravo, General Secretary of Ciudadanos, on El Balance, with Federico Quevedo. This Monday, the orange party held an executive committee meeting. According to […]

Interview with Edmundo Bal, national spokesperson of Ciudadanos

Edmundo Bal hablando en una entrevista

It has been a frenetic day in Spanish politics. From Murcia, PSOE and Ciudadanos parties agreed on a motion of censure against the president of the Partido Popular for the recent corruption cases in the region. Afterwards, the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resigned and called elections, dismissing all the Ciudadanos […]