Interview with Edmundo Bal, national spokesperson of Ciudadanos

It has been a frenetic day in Spanish politics. From Murcia, PSOE and Ciudadanos parties agreed on a motion of censure against the president of the Partido Popular for the recent corruption cases in the region. Afterwards, the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resigned and called elections, dismissing all the Ciudadanos councillors, including her vice-president. Hours later, in Castilla y León, PSOE also presented a motion of censure against the regional government of the Partido Popular.

A political storm that Edmundo Bal, national spokesman for Ciudadanos, wanted to comment on in the microphones of El Balance with Federico Quevedo. Ciudadanos does not understand the decision of the president of Madrid to break with Ciudadanos . Edmundo Bal hopes that the president will reverse her decision, which he describes as “responsible and thoughtless”.

In addition, the spokesman for Ciudadanos considers that Díaz Ayuso is making the people of Madrid pay for the cases of corruption of the Popular Party in Murcia. The trigger for Ciudadanos to agree with the Socialist Party on this motion of censure, according to Bal.

Conciliatory message

Ciudadanos’ national spokesperson hopes that “Díaz Ayuso will come to her senses and revoke her decision, which is not very rational”. However, he also recalls that he has been hearing for months that the president was considering bringing forward elections and that she was even getting closer to Vox.

Edmundo Bal affirms that Ciudadanos would never have considered presenting a motion of censure against Díaz Ayuso: “Madrid’s government was providing good solutions and stability to the citizens”. On possible leaks from Ciudadanos to the Partido Popular, the national spokesman confirms that “if someone believes in the project, they will continue in it”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Edmundo Bal, national spokesperson for Ciudadanos.

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