Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in Cataluña

The investiture plenary session to form a new government in Cataluña will take place this Friday. In the last few hours, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borrás, has proposed Pere Aragonés as a candidate. Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in the Cataluña, spoke on El Balance with Federico Quevedo, who said that “catalan politics is heading towards a problematic legislature”.

Laura Borrás’ proposal has put Salvador Illa in a complicated situation, although Carrizosa acknowledges that this initial situation was predictable. The separatist parties, however, take it for granted that Pere Aragonés will not be elected president, at least not this week. According to Carrizosa, “it is very clear that the pro-independence president of the Parliament was going to propose a pro-independence candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat”.

The president of Ciudadanos adds that “despite the fact that Salvador Illa has spread the rumour that he was going to run for the investiture, he has remained exactly the same as Mrs. Arrimadas, without being able to run”. It should be remembered that in 2018, Ciudadanos’ candidate in Cataluña, Inés Arrimadas, was unable to run. This was because the president of the Parliament did not propose her as a candidate and in the end, the chosen one was Quim Torra.

ERC and CUP pact

The leader of Ciudadanos in Cataluña also made reference to the pact between ERC and CUP: “this pact is based on unprotecting the Mossos by removing protection against demonstrators; and then, a new democratic attack, which is another illegal referendum”.

Carrizosa said that for the moment, “what I see is that Mr. Illa and the Spanish government have taken a low profile and are not explaining what the legislative pacts to govern Catalonia consist of”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in Cataluña.

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