Interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress

The spokesperson of the Popular Party in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, talks to Federico Quevedo about Pablo Casado‘s three years as leader of the party. She also talks about the Spanish Sociological Research Centre results that predict a sweet moment for the PP.

Regarding the latest polls, Gamarra predicts a change of political cycle with “an electoral victory -of the PP- that guarantees an alternative that Spain needs and which is led by Pablo Casado“. However, the next elections are still two years away. The spokesperson defends the objective of the PP, which is “to continue working and to continue opening up the party“.

For Cuca Gamarra, the essential thing is to get many more Spaniards to identify with the Popular Party project. The slogan of the next convention of the Popular Party is ‘We believe’. A word that highlights the spokesperson’s idea: “we believe in ourselves, in the Spanish people and in Spain“. At this convention, according to the spokeswoman, they are ready to create a project for the future that, based on freedom and equality among Spaniards.

Reunification of the right-center wing

Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that for the Popular Party to win the next elections there must be a reunification of the right-center wing. The fracture has made it possible for other parties to govern. For Gamarra, a reflection of the right-center voter is necessary because the fragmentation has made it possible for Pedro Sánchez to govern. The spokeswoman adds that “strengthening an alternative is the guarantee of political change and different right-center policies“.

Regarding the Ciudadanos convention, held in the first week of July, one of its arguments was to close the door to any merger with the Popular Party. But, according to Gamarra, reunification is already taking place. She recalled that the Popular Party “has gone from 60 MPs to more than 120, according to the latest polls, so the reunification of the right wing is taking place thanks to the vote of the Spanish people“.

Renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary

On the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, which continues without agreement between the government and the opposition, Gamarra points out that her party calls for “respect for European standards of independence and non-politicization“.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress (Min.:1:46:00)

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