Interview with Guillermo Díaz, MP and coordinator of the Ciudadanos National Convention

On the third weekend of July, Ciudadanos is working on its National Convention to revive its project, which has lost a lot of strength in the last two years. This meeting, according to most of the party’s representatives, comes “at a low point”. One of the orange deputies who recognizes this is Guillermo Díaz, coordinator of the meeting, by express indication of Inés Arrimadas herself, president of the party. Guillermo Díaz talks to Federico Quevedo about the party’s main objectives at the Convention.

The Convention comes on the heels of several electoral failures and at a crucial moment for the party’s survival. With only ten deputies in Congress, there are many voices saying that the party could disappear in the next elections. In fact, this has been the case in Madrid, where in the last regional elections on 4 May they failed to win representation.

Previously, in Catalonia, they lost thirty deputies, so that from 36 representatives in Parliament, they now have only six. Therefore, the objective of Ciudadanos in this Convention is to establish the direction of the party and define its proposals, focusing all attention on them. According to Guillermo Díaz, “when you only talk about the party, that party does well”.

Ciudadanos National Convention

Guillermo Díaz focuses the event on explaining the model of country they propose to the people. This inability was one of the reasons why the motion of censure in Murcia failed. According to the orange formation, they did not know how to explain what was happening in the region and the corruption they were witnessing on the part of the Popular Party.

On Saturday morning there will be sectoral tables, one on the European Union and one on liberalism, which will be open to the public. Then, in the afternoon, there will be four working tables. And on Sunday there will be more presentations and a closing ceremony. According to Díaz, they want to stress that their project is truly liberal and they will defend the fact that being of the center does not mean being neutral.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Guillermo Díaz, MP and coordinator of the Ciudadanos National Convention

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