Interview with Antonio López-Istúriz, General Secretary of the European People’s Party

Antonio López-Istúriz, Secretario General del Partido Popular Europeo

This week, Federico Quevedo interviews Antonio López-Istúriz, Secretary General of the European People’s Party to talk about Roberta Metsola, the newly appointed President of the European Parliament. Fallecimiento de David Sassoli López-Istúriz has words of recognition for David Sassoli. The President died last week from an “immune system dysfunction” caused by legionella, which kept him […]

Interview with Antonio Repullo, Coordinator of the Popular Party in Andalusia and delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Cordoba

Antonio Repullo, coordinador del PP de Andalucía

In the ‘El Balance’ program, our colleague Federico Quevedo interviews Antonio Repullo, coordinator of the Popular Party in Andalusia and delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Cordoba. The coordinator talks about the political situation in Andalusia and the possible regional elections; among other issues. According to the polls, if there were elections in Andalusia, […]

Interview with Hana Jalloul, PSOE spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid

Hana Jalloul en un miting del Partido Socialista de Madrid

The regional elections of 4 May in Madrid gave victory to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the Popular Party. Her victory was a blow to the Socialist Party, which was relegated to the opposition and had no real chance of governing in the capital. About this, the spokesperson of the Socialist Party in the Madrid […]

Interview with Enrique Núñez, General Secretary of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid

Enrique Núñez, secretario general del PP en la Asamblea de Madrid.

The general secretary of the Popular Party (PP) in the Assembly of Madrid, Enrique Núñez, talks to Federico Quevedo about the party in Madrid. According to Núñez, “we are very proud of the result”. The secretary affirms that the initial formation of the parliamentary group was difficult, “parameters of all the deputies are adjusted to […]

Interview with Ángeles Álvarez, feminist activist and former PSOE MP

Ángeles Álvarez exdiputada del PSOE

The draft bill for the real and effective equality of transgender people and for the guarantee of LGTBI rights, known as the ‘Trans Law’, was approved at the end of June. This new law has been fraught with controversy between the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, and the First Vice-President, Carmen Calvo. Both represented the […]

Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, leader of Ciudadanos in the Catalan Parliament

Carles Carrizosa en una rueda de prensa de Ciudadanos

Carlos Carrizosa reviews the day of protest in Plaza de Colón with Federico Quevedo in El Balance. The PP, Ciudadanos and Vox parties once again gathered to show their rejection of the pardons for the prisoners of the pro-independence trial that could be granted by the central government in the coming weeks. For Carrizosa, this […]

Interview with Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, spokesperson for Más Madrid

Pablo Gomez Perpinya portavoz de Mas Madrid

Pablo Gómez Perpinyà is spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Assembly of the Community of Madrid. His political party is convinced that in these elections there is a chance to mobilize the progressive vote to put an end to the 25 years of PP government in the region. The latest CIS survey does give the […]

Interview with Ana Camins, General Secretary of the Popular Party in Madrid

Ana Camins Secretaria General del PP en Madrid

This Monday Federico Quevedo interviews Ana Camins, General Secretary of the Popular Party in Madrid and senator appointed by the Assembly of Madrid. The renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) is one of the current issues, after the Government and the Popular Party have begun to negotiate it again. However, according to […]