Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, leader of Ciudadanos in the Catalan Parliament

Carlos Carrizosa reviews the day of protest in Plaza de Colón with Federico Quevedo in El Balance. The PP, Ciudadanos and Vox parties once again gathered to show their rejection of the pardons for the prisoners of the pro-independence trial that could be granted by the central government in the coming weeks.

For Carrizosa, this is not about political factions or ideologies. According to Carrizosa, granting pardons would be a gratuitous concession to separatism, “which would leave us constitutionalists defenseless”.

Union with Vox

Carrizosa defiende la manifestación como una protesta de la sociedad civil. Aunque lo cierto es que se ha criticado mucho tanto a PP como a Ciudadanos por asistir, de nuevo, con Vox.

No obstante, el líder de Cs apunta que los partidos independentistas se hacen fotos con “el terrorista Carlos Sastre, fundador de Terra Lliure, y nadie dice nada”.

Ciudadanos in Cataluña

The Cs leader harshly criticizes the fact that Salvador Illa, the Socialist Party’s representative in Cataluña, during the election campaign kept “silent on the pardons, he didn’t say a word”.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Carlos Carrizosa, leader of Cs in the Parliament of Cataluña.

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