Interview with Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, spokesperson for Más Madrid

Pablo Gómez Perpinyà is spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Assembly of the Community of Madrid. His political party is convinced that in these elections there is a chance to mobilize the progressive vote to put an end to the 25 years of PP government in the region.

The latest CIS survey does give the left-wing bloc enough seats to be able to govern. Perpinyà acknowledges that they are not always reliable, although they can serve as a guide to “know what needs to be improved”, but there are times when they do not get it right.

Nonetheless, the spokesperson does show a firm conviction that now could be the time to mobilize the progressive vote for change. But what if that doesn’t happen? What if the numbers don’t work? According to Pablo Gómez, “we are not going to sit back and do nothing. We have to wait for the people of Madrid to vote and with that we will have to try to do what our conscience, our principles and our program allow us to do”, he explains.

A force from Madrid

About his candidate he said that Mónica García is a woman, a mother and a doctor, “in the midst of a global pandemic”. Más Madrid is committed to her because they understand that she has first-hand knowledge of the needs generated by this crisis and the shortcomings of Madrid’s healthcare system.

In addition, Perpinyà stresses that “we are a completely Madrid-based force” and explains that the people of Madrid also have the right to vote, thinking more about the problems of their region, just as, he says, the people from Galicia or the Basque Country can also do.

On Gabilondo and taxes

Ángel Gabilondo, the PSOE candidate in these elections, has said that if he wins, he will not raise taxes. If they reach a government pact with Más Madrid, Perpinyà says that on that point, they are “realistic and pragmatic”.

He argues that 25 years of PP government cannot be reversed in just twelve months, “that is telling the truth, it is important to be honest”. But he also stresses that when one goes to elections, one must do so with the ambition to change things. “We think that the fact that someone with 15 million euros of wealth pays the same taxes as someone who earns 15,000 euros a year is a burden for the economy and an outrage”.

That is why he advocates working to resolve this situation and stresses that there is a lot of progress to be made in Madrid’s tax policy, but that the challenge is immense and cannot be solved in a few months.

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Full interview with Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, spokesperson for Más Madrid.

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