Interview with Dolors Montserrat, PP spokesperson in the European Parliament

Dolors Montserrat portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo

The news of the day was the European Parliament’s decision to waive the immunity of Carles Puigdemont euro-deputy and two former Catalan concillors. To talk about it, Federico Quevedo is joined on El Balance by Dolors Montserrat, spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the European Parliament. According to the spokeswoman, “the way is now clear […]

Interview with Melisa Rodríguez, Ciudadanos national spokesperson

Melisa Rodríguez, portavoz de Ciudadanos

Federico Quevedo interviews Melisa Rodríguez, national spokesperson for Ciudadanos, on Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme. Rodríguez talks about the failures of the orange party in Cataluña and takes stock of the results of last Sunday’s Catalan elections. The spokeswoman comments on the framework that is opening up in the region and says that Salvador Illa “cannot present […]

Interview with Carlos Cuadrado, director of the Ciudadanos campaign in Catalonia

Carlos Cuadrado

On Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme, Federico Quevedo interviewed Carlos Cuadrado, Ciudadanos’ campaign manager in Catalonia. Cuardado shared different opinions on the results of the Catalan elections on Sunday, 14 February. The campaign director insisted on the importance of voting in these elections despite the complications arising from the pandemic. He also pointed to the […]