Interview with Melisa Rodríguez, Ciudadanos national spokesperson

Federico Quevedo interviews Melisa Rodríguez, national spokesperson for Ciudadanos, on Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme.

Rodríguez talks about the failures of the orange party in Cataluña and takes stock of the results of last Sunday’s Catalan elections.

The spokeswoman comments on the framework that is opening up in the region and says that Salvador Illa “cannot present himself for investiture”. Melisa Rodríguez predicts a pro-independence government, which she describes as “bad news for both Cataluña and Spain”.

Regarding Ciudadanos’ result, she acknowledged that “it was a bad result, we have said so openly”. Ciudadanos had not expected such a result (6 seats compared to 36 in the last elections). Rodríguez affirms that “it opens the door to reflection” in the party.

The spokeswoman also talked about whether Ciudadanos would support a government presided by Salvador Illa, to which she replied that the orange formation “is a dyke of containment against independentism”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with the national spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Melisa Rodríguez.

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