Interview with Carlos Cuadrado, director of the Ciudadanos campaign in Catalonia

On Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme, Federico Quevedo interviewed Carlos Cuadrado, Ciudadanos’ campaign manager in Catalonia. Cuardado shared different opinions on the results of the Catalan elections on Sunday, 14 February.

The campaign director insisted on the importance of voting in these elections despite the complications arising from the pandemic. He also pointed to the real possibility of winning against separatism.

“Change is possible, if we win not only votes, which we did in the last elections, but also seats.”

Carlos Cuadrado spoke about possible alliances after the elections and admitted that Ciudadanos “was founded because of the betrayals we saw on the PSC and PP”. He also insisted that the orange party’s efforts are focused on mobilising people as much as possible to avoid another legislature of a pro-independence government.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with the director of the Ciudadanos campaign in Catalonia, Carlos Cuadrado.

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