Interview with Dolors Montserrat, PP spokesperson in the European Parliament

The news of the day was the European Parliament’s decision to waive the immunity of Carles Puigdemont euro-deputy and two former Catalan concillors. To talk about it, Federico Quevedo is joined on El Balance by Dolors Montserrat, spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the European Parliament.

According to the spokeswoman, “the way is now clear for the Euro-order to operate and for the fugitives from justice to be handed over to Spain”. Dolors Montserrat sends a message: “the European Union has won, Spain has won, but above all our democracy has won”.

Today it has been announced that the magistrate Llanera will ask the Court of the European Union a question on how to apply the European arrest Euro-order. Montserrat confirms that “the message of the European Parliament has reaffirmed the legitimacy of Spanish justice”.

European vote

The PP and Ciudadanos voted in favour of lifting the immunity, but not Unidas Podemos. On this, Monsterrat says that “the vote of the PP has been decisive in lifting this immunity, but we are concerned that Puigdemont’s best ally has been Pablo Iglesias”. According to the spokesperson of the Popular Party “the only guilty party is Sánchez because with his partners in government he has become an accomplice to the damage being done to the rule of law”.

European funds “are also at stake”, she said. Its aim is to modernise the economy, create jobs and strengthen the health system. But one of the demands imposed by Europe is “the defence of the rule of law, and today we have seen how the vice-president of the government has called democratic institutions into question”, according to Dolors Montserrat.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Dolors Montserrat, spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the European Parliament.

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