Interview with Jaime de Olano, PP deputy and vice-secretary for participation

Jaime de Olano, diputado del PP en el Congreso

The government of Pedro Sánchez finally granted pardons to the nine people convicted of the independence process in Catalonia. On their release from prison, those pardoned said they would continue to work for the independence of Catalonia. Jaime de Olano, deputy in the Congress and deputy-secretary of participation of the Popular Party talks about this […]

Interview with Alejandro Fernández, leader of the PP in Cataluña

Alejandro Fernández en el Parlamento de Cataluña

After the investiture of Pere Aragonés as the new president of Cataluña on Monday, the possible pardon for the prisoners of the pro-independence process is gaining relevance. The leader of the Popular Party in Cataluña, Alejandro Fernández, says with Federico Quevedo in El Balance that they will appeal. According to the president of the Catalan […]

Interview with Carles Campuzano, former PDeCAT deputy in Congress

Carles Campuzano exdiputado del PDeCAT en el Congreso

On ‘El Balance’ of Capital Radio, Federico Quevedo analyses the results of the Catalan elections with Carles Campuzano, former PDeCAT deputy in the Congress of Deputies. Carles is now director of Dincat, an organisation with almost 300 foundations, associations and cooperatives that work with people with intellectual disabilities and their families.However, he admits that “you […]

Interview with Pilar Castellanos, founding member of Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid

Pilar Castellanos en El Balance

One day after the Catalan elections, Federico Quevedo interviews Pilar Castellanos, founding partner and first president of ‘Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid’ to evaluate the results. According to Pilar Castellanos, “Catalonia has been in a loop for many years and it is impossible to get out of it”. The representative of the Socialist Party, Salvador […]