Interview with Jaime de Olano, PP deputy and vice-secretary for participation

The government of Pedro Sánchez finally granted pardons to the nine people convicted of the independence process in Catalonia. On their release from prison, those pardoned said they would continue to work for the independence of Catalonia. Jaime de Olano, deputy in the Congress and deputy-secretary of participation of the Popular Party talks about this with Federico Quevedo in El Balance program.

 Appeal to the pardons

The popular deputy denounces that “Sánchez has not deigned to dedicate a single second to the constitutionalist Catalans”. His party has already indicated that they are going to appeal these pardons. Now, it will be up to the Supreme Court to determine whether the political parties can present these appeals. Pablo Casado has confirmed that the party is going to request the legitimization to do it.

On the other hand, the party also considers that the Prime Minister has “humiliated” the constitutionalist Catalans, who have not been given any explanation.

Also, according to Jaime de Olano, the PP criticizes that, with the messages sent by the pro-independence leaders they are “more emboldened than ever”. For this reason, the Popular Party believes that they will repeat an action similar to what happened in 2017: a referendum on self-determination, which is constitutionally illegal.

Pedro Sánchez will meet with Pere Aragonés, the president of Catalonia, on 29 June, and it is expected that at that meeting the dialogue table, which was interrupted by the pandemic, will begin to take shape.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Jaime de Olano, PP deputy and vice-secretary for participation

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