Interview with Alejandro Fernández, leader of the PP in Cataluña

After the investiture of Pere Aragonés as the new president of Cataluña on Monday, the possible pardon for the prisoners of the pro-independence process is gaining relevance. The leader of the Popular Party in Cataluña, Alejandro Fernández, says with Federico Quevedo in El Balance that they will appeal.

According to the president of the Catalan Popular Party, “it has been the Spanish government that has generated the debate and launched a trial balloon to see whether or not they will take this decision. At the moment they are sounding out”.

Fernández also confirms that, if it happens, his party will go to the Supreme Court. He also recalled that the High Court has already overturned the controversial pardon granted by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to Santander banker Alfredo Sáenz, considering that the necessary circumstances were not met.

On the consequences that such a step might entail for the PP in Cataluña, he pointed out that “it is not a pleasant position, but it is an obligation and a responsibility”.

New independence movements

He also notes that the prisoners have on several occasions expressed their intention to return to a similar movement, focused on independence. “They are people who have committed very serious crimes, who have put Spanish democracy at risk”, recalls Fernández.

In any case, the leader of the Popular Party believes that they will try again, but in a different way than in 2017. “Their vision is medium-term. Without a doubt, they have it in their minds to try again. These people have not changed their political objectives. It’s another thing if they try to do it differently”.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Alejandro Fernández, leader of the PP in Cataluña.

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