Interview with Pilar Castellanos, founding member of Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid

One day after the Catalan elections, Federico Quevedo interviews Pilar Castellanos, founding partner and first president of ‘Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid’ to evaluate the results.

According to Pilar Castellanos, “Catalonia has been in a loop for many years and it is impossible to get out of it”. The representative of the Socialist Party, Salvador Illa, was the most voted candidate, but it will be the pro-independence bloc that manages to form a government. Castellanos explains that the constitutionalist camp has been punished by the high abstention rate.

“If you are on the constitutionalist right, they call you a racist”, according to Pilar Castellanos. The founder of Societat Civil Catalana in Madrid, explains that for this reason, the Catalan right and bourgeoisie have seen that by being on the side of the pro-independence movement they get more things: “they are the ones who will subsidise you”.

Pilar Castellanos affirms that “ideology no longer matters in Catalonia”. However, she confesses that “those who vote for independence do not know that they are voting for supremacism, racism and lack of solidarity”.

However, the founder of SCC Madrid confesses that “the mayoralty of Barcelona is closer”. In Barcelona, the Socialist Party has made a strong comeback, which means that, according to Castellanos, “we are closer to a non-independence mayoralty”.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Pilar Castellanos, founding member and first president of Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid (SCC Madrid).

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