Interview with Elvira Rodríguez, deputy sectoral secretary of the Partido Popular

Elvira Rodríguez en un acto del Partido Popular

Elvira Rodríguez, member of the Congress of Deputies for the Partido Popular, spoke to Federico Quevedo on El Balance about the Recovery Plan presented this week by the government. According to the MEP, few concrete measures are proposed in the Recovery Plan that will be sent to Brussels before the end of April. On the […]

Interview with Dolors Montserrat, PP spokesperson in the European Parliament

Dolors Montserrat portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo

The news of the day was the European Parliament’s decision to waive the immunity of Carles Puigdemont euro-deputy and two former Catalan concillors. To talk about it, Federico Quevedo is joined on El Balance by Dolors Montserrat, spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the European Parliament. According to the spokeswoman, “the way is now clear […]

Interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress

Cuca Gamarra portavoz del Partido Popular en un miting

On Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme, Federico Quevedo interviews Cuca Gamarra, national spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies. Today the report of the Council of State that has evaluated the Spanish Royal Decree that regulates the distribution of European funds, has been published. A report that the Popular Party and Ciudadanos […]