Interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress

On Capital Radio’s ‘El Balance’ programme, Federico Quevedo interviews Cuca Gamarra, national spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies.

Today the report of the Council of State that has evaluated the Spanish Royal Decree that regulates the distribution of European funds, has been published. A report that the Popular Party and Ciudadanos demanded, but which the Government did not make public.

Cuca Gamarra points to a “lack of transparency” that means that the 140 billion euros that Spain will receive are subject to discretion.

The Council’s report notes that “the project as a whole deserves a favourable opinion”, but it is true that it is concerned about the lack of control measures in the allocation of the funds.

This is what the Popular Party is referring to: “the Government has to stop acting in this way”, explains spokesperson Cuca Gamarra. She also complains that the government is using different figures to those used in other countries. This means that this aid, according to the PP, is being allocated in a discretionary manner.

Renewal of the Judiciary

In ‘El Balance’, Cuca Gamarra also spoke about the latest negotiations between the Popular Party and the Socialist Party to renew the CGPJ. Negotiations seemed to be on the right track but have gone awry again. One of the Partido Popular’s conditions continues to be to keep Unidas Podemos out of the negotiations “and we have kept to that line“, explains the spokesperson. Cuca Gamarra also insists that it is now up to the government to make a move.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress.

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