Interview with Elvira Rodríguez, deputy sectoral secretary of the Partido Popular

Elvira Rodríguez, member of the Congress of Deputies for the Partido Popular, spoke to Federico Quevedo on El Balance about the Recovery Plan presented this week by the government.

According to the MEP, few concrete measures are proposed in the Recovery Plan that will be sent to Brussels before the end of April. On the other hand, Rodríguez also criticises the fact that there was no prior negotiation between the parties. “We found out about it on Twitter,” she said.

Specifically, the plan aims to allocate half of the 140 billion European funds to public investment over the next two years. It also includes reforms related to the labour market and taxation. On this point, the deputy affirms that “there are issues that are repeated several times, but with very little concrete detail; it is something that they have cooked up and eaten up on their own”.

The Popular Party has been one of the main opponents of the initiative defended by the President of the Government. Along the same lines as Rodríguez, Pablo Casado had already criticised the Recovery Plan on Tuesday. The PP leader accused Pedro Sánchez of using the initiative as an act of “irresponsibility” and “electoral tacticism”. He also warned that this would be tantamount to entrusting everything “to European aid”.

The numbers of the Plan

According to the information revealed by the government, the plan consists of 13.2 billion to develop a sustainable mobility strategy; 6.82 billion for housing rehabilitation and urban regeneration; 4.315 billion for the modernisation of public administrations; 4.06 billion for a digitalisation plan for SMEs; 4 billion for 5G technology; and 3.78 billion for industrial policy and circular economy strategy.

On the other hand, in reference to the government’s attitude, the PP deputy concluded in El Balance: “I have the feeling that it’s not that they lie, it’s that they say what they want that seems to suit them best at any given moment; and they are not aware that if one day they say one thing and another day they say another, they are lying”.

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Full interview with Elvira Rodríguez, Member of the European PP

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