Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in Cataluña

Carlos Carrizosa presidente de Ciudadanos en Cataluña en rueda de prensa

The investiture plenary session to form a new government in Cataluña will take place this Friday. In the last few hours, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borrás, has proposed Pere Aragonés as a candidate. Carlos Carrizosa, president of Ciudadanos in the Cataluña, spoke on El Balance with Federico Quevedo, who said that “catalan politics […]

Interview with Pilar Castellanos, founding member of Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid

Pilar Castellanos en El Balance

One day after the Catalan elections, Federico Quevedo interviews Pilar Castellanos, founding partner and first president of ‘Societat Civil Catalana – Madrid’ to evaluate the results. According to Pilar Castellanos, “Catalonia has been in a loop for many years and it is impossible to get out of it”. The representative of the Socialist Party, Salvador […]