Interview with Jaime de Olano, PP deputy and vice-secretary for participation

Jaime de Olano, diputado del PP en el Congreso

The government of Pedro Sánchez finally granted pardons to the nine people convicted of the independence process in Catalonia. On their release from prison, those pardoned said they would continue to work for the independence of Catalonia. Jaime de Olano, deputy in the Congress and deputy-secretary of participation of the Popular Party talks about this […]

Interview with Carlos Carrizosa, leader of Ciudadanos in the Catalan Parliament

Carles Carrizosa en una rueda de prensa de Ciudadanos

Carlos Carrizosa reviews the day of protest in Plaza de Colón with Federico Quevedo in El Balance. The PP, Ciudadanos and Vox parties once again gathered to show their rejection of the pardons for the prisoners of the pro-independence trial that could be granted by the central government in the coming weeks. For Carrizosa, this […]