Interview with César Zafra, Ciudadanos spokesman in Madrid

César Zafra en la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid

On El Balance, César Zafra is confident that the polls that say Ciudadanos will be left out of the Madrid Assembly are wrong. Zafra is the number 3 on Edmundo Bal’s list, he has been with Federico Quevedo to talk about the intense days that remain until 4 May. The spokesman stated that “I like […]

Interview with Edmundo Bal, national spokesperson of Ciudadanos

Edmundo Bal hablando en una entrevista

It has been a frenetic day in Spanish politics. From Murcia, PSOE and Ciudadanos parties agreed on a motion of censure against the president of the Partido Popular for the recent corruption cases in the region. Afterwards, the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resigned and called elections, dismissing all the Ciudadanos […]