Interview with Marta Marbán, President of the Health Commission of the Madrid Assembly

Marta Marbán en la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid

This week our colleague Federico Quevedo interviews Marta Marbán, President of the Health Commission of the Madrid Assembly and member of the People’s Party. The deputy recognizes that these are complicated times to lead the Commission because “it has prevented us from evaluating other types of strategies and plans” due to the pandemic.  Health situation […]

Interview with Antonio López-Istúriz, General Secretary of the European People’s Party

Antonio López-Istúriz, Secretario General del Partido Popular Europeo

This week, Federico Quevedo interviews Antonio López-Istúriz, Secretary General of the European People’s Party to talk about Roberta Metsola, the newly appointed President of the European Parliament. Fallecimiento de David Sassoli López-Istúriz has words of recognition for David Sassoli. The President died last week from an “immune system dysfunction” caused by legionella, which kept him […]

Interview with Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former executive of the WHO

Daniel López Acuña en el Congreso de los Diputados

The epidemiologist Daniel López Acuña talks to Federico Quevedo about the latest changes made by the Ministry of Health to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. In just one week, Health has gone from a totally restrictive proposal to opening up some competencies to the Autonomous Communities. According to López Acuña, “before talking about competences, it is […]