Interview with Inés Arrimadas, president of Ciudadanos

Inés Arrimadas, presidenta de Ciudadanos

The Ciudadanos party has held its National Convention at a time when the party is not going through its best moment. However, its president, Inés Arrimadas, was very optimistic, because she considers Ciudadanos to be the only liberal party in Spain. She also added that her party has a fundamental role in the country’s political […]

Interview with Hana Jalloul, PSOE spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid

Hana Jalloul en un miting del Partido Socialista de Madrid

The regional elections of 4 May in Madrid gave victory to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the Popular Party. Her victory was a blow to the Socialist Party, which was relegated to the opposition and had no real chance of governing in the capital. About this, the spokesperson of the Socialist Party in the Madrid […]