Madrid hosts the world’s first 100% Recyclable Plastic Museum

EsPlásticos, the platform that brings together the different agents of the sector, is inaugurating the first 100% recyclable Plastic Museum in the world: The Plastic Museum. It will be located in Madrid, in the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo, opposite the Reina Sofía, and will be inaugurated on 8 May with the Mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

Hi-Cone, a leading supplier of multiple beverage containers, committed to sustainability, participates in this project as a sponsor,. Influence Spain advises Hi-Cone on government relations in Spain.

The aim of this museum is to invite citizens to reflect on plastics. They are materials that offer and have offered so much to society in terms of health, technology, society and the environment. For them, there is a recycling solution with the collaboration of everyone. A solution that can combat and overcome the problem of marine litter. The museum will not only contain plastic, it will be built from plastic.

Correct use of plastic

The Plastic Museum aims to raise awareness of the contribution of plastics when they are used correctly. The museum shows that the problem arises when plastic waste is not managed properly or is used irresponsibly. It also focuses on the importance of the use of plastic and its contribution to the protection of the environment at all stages: eco-design, use, reuse and recycling.

The museum focuses on the advances that society has made thanks to the innovative capacity of these materials. It also develops the changes it has brought to our lives and the advantages it offers. Citizens will also discover the contribution of plastic in the fight against climate change. Its correct management makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Plastic Museum wants to show the world that plastic is essential to society and does not have to be a problem if it is used and managed responsibly. Plastic is part of the solution to many challenges and for this reason this initiative has been launched, which will be open to the public until 16 May.

On 17 May, World Recycling Day, the museum will be dismantled and the museum (walls, ceilings, doors…) will be reused and recycled, and then put to new uses.