Interview with Pablo Montesinos, MP and deputy secretary of Communication of the PP

After the summer, the polls continue to give the Popular Party an advantage in the next general elections. On the objectives of the new political year, the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the party, Pablo Montesinos, talks to Federico Quevedo in the program El Balance.

The deputy secretary informed that they are organizing the Party’s General Convention to be held in all the Autonomous Communities where the PP governs. It will end in Valencia at the beginning of October, where the alternative government will be put forward. This, according to Montesinos, is due to the fact that the government crisis has been a failure and with all the polls warning of a change in trend.

This Convention is a novelty as it was normally held in a single territory, which used to be Madrid. However, according to the deputy secretary, “it will start on 27 September in Santiago de Compostela and will travel through Valladolid, Madrid, among others, and will end in Cartagena and finish in Valencia on 1 and 2 October”. Civil society will also be involved.

Criticism from Vox

While the PP is rearming, the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, has criticized the Popular Party, claiming that “Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez are the same”. To these accusations Montesinos responds that “Abascal is trying to find his place and is no longer interested in the censure motion because it would only benefit Pedro Sánchez”.

The objective, according to the Vice-Secretary, is for Pedro Sánchez to call elections “and let the Spanish people have their say, and until he does not do so, he should call the debate on the State of the Nation”. He insists that there is an “indisputable” parliamentary anomaly because since Sánchez has been President, this debate has not been held.

Pablo Montesinos adds that if the vote is concentrated in the Popular Party, “Pedro Sánchez has one foot out of the Moncloa”. He insists on the party’s National Convention in which they will make it clear that in PP everyone fits, “because when the PP governs, everyone does better”.

Afghanistan crisis

Montesinos explains that the PP has sent out very clear messages that “foreign policy is a state policy and the government will always have us there”. However, he insists that this “does not mean submission”. He also criticizes Pedro Sánchez’s delay in acting during the Afghanistan crisis “when his European counterparts were appearing in national parliaments”.

Electricity price

According to the deputy, the government “is not providing solutions” and criticizes Pedro Sánchez for “hiding“.  Montesinos announces that the PP has once again proposed to the Prime Minister to reduce the electricity bill by removing non-energy costs from the bill and lowering taxes. However, they regret that Pedro Sánchez is the one of “no is no”.

Listen to the full interview in the audio below:

Full interview with Pablo Montesinos, MP and deputy secretary of Communication of the PP

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