Interview with Inmaculada Sánchez Ramos, Director of Digital Competences of the Community of Madrid

The Balance once again gives space to communication and information technologies. On this occasion, Inmaculada Sánchez Ramos, director of Digital Competences of the Community of Madrid, talks about ‘servitisation’.

The director explains that there has been a shift from buying the product to buying the service, “as in the ‘car to go’ companies”. Federico Quevedo asks the director what other activities this phenomenon occurs in, and Sánchez Ramos highlights the data cloud, which also works in this way.

The expert in Digital Skills explains the new profession of Service Engineering, “with very good acceptance in the market” precisely to cover this new sector. The director is a lecturer at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid on a new degree course dedicated to this subject and notes that “they are having very good employability”.

Technology education

Sánchez Ramos warns that Industry 4.0 has changed the way we produce with robotics and artificial intelligence. In this sense, the expert warns that data-driven management allows for real-time management that allows for the elimination of guesswork. For example, if artificial intelligence is introduced into this, predictive analytics is obtained to obtain the necessary information. According to the director, this makes it possible to look to the future with greater guarantees and helps in decision-making.

Sánchez Ramos warns that it is also necessary to educate in technology and exposes the problem of hyper-regulation in Europe. In fact, according to the director, “the Data Protection regulation is obsolete” because there is no synchronisation between regulation and reality.

Listen to the full interview in the following audio:

Full interview with Inmaculada Sánchez Ramos, Director of Digital Skills in the Community of Madrid.

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