Interview with Carlos Iturgaiz, president of the Popular Party

Carlos Iturgaiz, presidente del PP en el País Vasco y de la coalición PP+Ciudadanos en el Parlamento Vasco

Ten years ago, the terrorist group ETA announced that it was laying down its arms. In commemoration of the anniversary, the president of the PP in the Basque Country, Carlos Iturgaiz talks to our colleague, Federico Quevedo, about the memory of the victims and the last words of Arnaldo Otegi (general coordinator of EH Bildu […]

Interview with Elvira Rodríguez, PP Deputy Secretary and MP in the Parliament

Elvira Rodríguez en el Congreso de los Diputados

The Spanish Government will meet this week in an extraordinary session to approve the General State Budget for 2022. Elvira Rodríguez, deputy sectoral-secretary of the Partido Popular and national deputy, talks about the last updates with Federico Quevedo in El Balance. Agreement on the General State Budget for 2022 According to the deputy secretary, two […]

Interview with Pablo Montesinos, MP and deputy secretary of Communication of the PP

Pablo Montesinos, vicesecretario de Comunicación del PP

After the summer, the polls continue to give the Popular Party an advantage in the next general elections. On the objectives of the new political year, the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the party, Pablo Montesinos, talks to Federico Quevedo in the program El Balance. The deputy secretary informed that they are organizing the Party’s […]

Interview with Cuca Gamarra, PP spokesperson in Congress

Cuca Gamarra, portavoz del PP en el Congreso

The spokesperson of the Popular Party in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, talks to Federico Quevedo about Pablo Casado‘s three years as leader of the party. She also talks about the Spanish Sociological Research Centre results that predict a sweet moment for the PP. Regarding the latest polls, Gamarra predicts a change of political cycle with “an […]

Interview with Enrique Núñez, General Secretary of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid

Enrique Núñez, secretario general del PP en la Asamblea de Madrid.

The general secretary of the Popular Party (PP) in the Assembly of Madrid, Enrique Núñez, talks to Federico Quevedo about the party in Madrid. According to Núñez, “we are very proud of the result”. The secretary affirms that the initial formation of the parliamentary group was difficult, “parameters of all the deputies are adjusted to […]

Interview with Jaime de Olano, PP deputy and vice-secretary for participation

Jaime de Olano, diputado del PP en el Congreso

The government of Pedro Sánchez finally granted pardons to the nine people convicted of the independence process in Catalonia. On their release from prison, those pardoned said they would continue to work for the independence of Catalonia. Jaime de Olano, deputy in the Congress and deputy-secretary of participation of the Popular Party talks about this […]

Interview with Elvira Rodríguez, deputy sectoral secretary of the Partido Popular

Elvira Rodríguez en un acto del Partido Popular

Elvira Rodríguez, member of the Congress of Deputies for the Partido Popular, spoke to Federico Quevedo on El Balance about the Recovery Plan presented this week by the government. According to the MEP, few concrete measures are proposed in the Recovery Plan that will be sent to Brussels before the end of April. On the […]